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Life equal work: how to find life-work balance? (Pt 1)

What to do if the house turns into an office, and work takes up all your free time? Why is recycling not commendable and what does it threaten? Why learn to say no to bosses? Remote Helpers figured out how to find a balance between business and life and define the boundaries between them. Some are convinced that by devoting all their time to work, they will achieve great success. However, this can lead to burnout and depression, as well as family problems. The constant use of messengers, social networks, and gadgets in general increases the risk of technostress – the so-called disease, which is accompanied by anxiety, irritation, and the feeling that you do not have time to answer someone. The ability to learn worsens, and the person becomes inattentive, which means that his efficiency as an employee decreases, while the risk of making mistakes in the process of work increases. To a greater extent, the imbalance between work and life is felt by women – they are less likely to find a balance between work and family. According to scientists, employees of private companies are also at risk. They experience this conflict between “personal” and “work” more than their counterparts in government organizations. It is also hardest to strike a balance for those who work remotely because for them there has never been a line between personal life and work: the house for them is the office, and the office is the house. Maintaining a balance between work and personal life will help maintain physical and mental health, get more positive emotions, and increase productivity. Be sure to read our blog, because in the next article we will tell you how to maintain a life-work balance, and also give a checklist: of how not to overwork!