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Life equal work: how to find life-work balance? (Pt 2)

In the last article, we promised to share with you tips on how to maintain a balance between work and life. So, let’s go!

Customize your workplace

First of all, in order to restore the balance between work and personal life, you need to properly equip the space – clearly distinguish between which parts of the apartment you relax and which you work in. Try to remove all distractions.

Set time limits

Follow the rule not to enter work chats, for example, after 19:00. But it is worth warning colleagues about this. As a last resort, to get rid of night work signals, you need to put your phone into airplane mode or turn off all gadgets, for example, at 21:00.

Have a digital detox

Do not use the Internet at all on weekends. Turn off the setting, and have a nice day. Social networks and instant messengers are the main causes of information stress.

Make a list that will include not only a quarterly report and a briefing with colleagues, but also a morning run, a trip to my mother’s country house, cross-stitching, and reading. To bring life after work into your daily routine, you need to plan it too.

Take breaks during the workday

Taking small breaks will help you stay productive and focused for the rest of the day. “If you don’t make time for a little rest, your ability to be creative decreases. It drains your cognitive abilities and makes you less creative.“

Don’t Ignore Health Issues

If you feel any discomfort in the body, something hurts, the temperature rises – this should by no means be ignored. For daily maintenance of physical health – do exercises or go for a run.

For the fact that you have read both articles to the end, you get a long-awaited checklist: how not to overwork, in the next article!